About Valerio Verrando

Valerio Verrando in a recent photo.

I was born in Rome in 10/10/1971. I graduated in Electronics Engineering in July 1997.


I own a Intel Pentium 166 PC, with 4GB hard drive space, and 48MB RAM.
I mainly use Microsoft Windows 95, but also NT, IBM OS/2 and Linux.
I also have a really nice Sony Multiscan 17sf monitor, Mustek flatbed color scanner,
33,600 baud modem, HP Deskjet 850C printer, a Thrustmaster F16-FLCS joystick.


I am also a leisure-time programmer; my last work is Telecom Counter, a program useful to track phone time in Italy,
and its counterpart Telecom MUD, a version for MUD (Multi User Dungeon) users.


I like music, and I play bass in a rock group; I can also play guitar and keyboards.
My favorite groups include Pink Floyd, Rush, Dire Straits, Genesis, Dream Theater.
I am currently using a Fender Jazz bass in the rock group "Riskio".


My favorite games come from Origin: Wing Commander 3, the Ultima series and Strike Commander.
Also, Indycar Racing, Nascar Racing, Magic Carpet, Doom, Descent, Tie Fighter, Mechwarrior 2.